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Anonymous asked:
I damon. I need some help about one question i have: i wanna make youtube videos, but people think by the way i act that im gay (im not) what should i do ?

haha people think I am gay all the time. I can’t even keep count of how many youtube comments i have gotten calling me gay, but I know my sexuality and who i am better than anyone that comments on my videos so that doesn’t affect me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being gay personally so I don’t see it as an insult anyway. Just remember that you know yourself better than anyone else so what people say doesn’t matter.

Anonymous asked:
Hi damon i know that you are vegan or were vegan but is it dangerous? Because my doctor said to me that can be an eating disorder and i am a bit scare because i am vegan

It can be healthy if you treat it like a lifestyle and put a lot of focus on it, but for me i barely ate and went way too long doing this. I am now working on recovering from it and I can promise you it’s not a fun process. I wouldn’t want anyone to make the same mistake that I did. If you try veganism and you notice that you’re not eating correctly and are becoming malnourished, then please do not keep going. I did this for years and it really messed me up.  I don’t even like showing my face now because I look so unhealthy all the time. Take care of yourself <3

Anonymous asked:
hahaha love how you said that with no fucks given, reason number 100 why I probably love you so much

hahaha i’m not embarrassed of my girl jeans!! 

Anonymous asked:
You still wear skinny jeans right? What's the best skinny jeans would you recommend for a guy?

i get girls skinny jeans from hot topic haha i like how stretchy they are and they feel less tight than guys skinny jeans 

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry if you've been asked this before or have already said something about it but are you going to be at ALL the warped concerts in the U.S. or just a certain one? Again sorry if you've already said something about this ;-;

I talked about everything in this video! :D

Anonymous asked:
So at warped are you going to be at like the Peace Tea tent (if they even have one) or are you gonna walk around¿¿ I'm new to this oops I'm only going to warped for you and om&m haha

Just make sure to be following me on twitter, i’ll keep you updated on where to find me. As far as I know, i’ll be at a tent and i think my name should be somewhere on it / by it haha

Anonymous asked:
Wait so are you gunna be at the Uk warped tour orr not? :c

Nope, that’s a separate thing from US warped. It’s a different lineup and all that jazz.

Anonymous asked:
I love how you treat your life like an open book for all your viewers and people to see. Most people try to hide or keep quiet about their personal life, it takes a lot of bravery to be as open as you are. It's definitely something to admire.

Wow thank you!! Honestly, a lot of the people around me and even my family don’t really know what I have been going through. I am pretty to myself, but when it comes to the internet that’s how i express myself and not keep it all bottled up inside because otherwise i’d probably go insane haha  

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